Towards accomplishing its mission, PASIPHAE team consists not only by permanent teaching staff-members from the Hellenic Mediterranean University, but also professors, researchers (post doctoral) and PhD students, along with a number of professionals with established know-how from the Greek and international industry and business sectors. Their activities are supported by state-of-the-art tools and in-house equipment for research and development, as well as by up-to-date experimentation tools for performance evaluation measurements under both real/actual and controlled conditions environments. Among those is an outdoor mobile unit – unique in the entire Crete region – for conducting field measurements on non-ionising radiation and a professional broadcasting platform for satellite and terrestrial communications. Their efforts have established PASIPHAE among the top educational units of Greece and as a pioneering research team at European level in the domain of ICT with long record in national and EU-funded projects.

As a result of its past and current activities, PASIPHAE laboratory runs and maintains the first digital interactive TV infrastructure in Greece exploiting broadcasting streams in regenerative configurations, and the first European DVB-T infrastructure utilising it as part of an IP backbone for interconnecting terrestrial distribution nodes, which enable access to interactive services from rural and dispersed areas. This infrastructure is complemented and supplemented by a prototype, fully operational, cloud-based platform capable to support – among the others – Software Defined Networking (SDN) and experimentation on Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).

*Pasiphae (she who shines on everyone) was an immortal daughter of the sun-god Helios. She wed King Minos of Crete and bore him Acacallis, Ariadne, Androgeus, Glaucus, Deucalion, Phaedra, Xenodice, and Catreus. However, when Minos had the misfortune of insulting Poseidon, the god kindled a passionate love in Pasiphae for a bull. The Queen conscripted the great artisan Daidalos to assist her in the endeavour, and he built for her a hollow wooden cow, wrapped in a bovine skin and endowed with mechanical life. Hiding herself inside this contraption she conceived and bore a hybrid child, the bull-headed Minotauros (Minotaur).


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