Pasiphae Lab, under the auspices of Technological Educational Institute of Crete, participates in the EU-funded project SMILE

Concept & Approach

SMILE proposes a novel mobility concept, using privacy by design principles, that will enable low cost secure exchange and processing of biometric data, addressing in parallel the aforementioned challenges by designing, implementing and evaluating in relevant environments (TRL6) prototype management architecture, for the accurate verification, automated control, monitoring and optimization of people’ flows at Land Border Infrastructures. It leverages the capabilities of the smart mobile devices in biometric control for secure and trusted authentication, and elaborates on their exploitation as part of a multimodal biometric verification process that supplements / complements existing approaches. Furthermore, SMILE’s mobility concept builds upon Private Cloud Infrastructure technologies which communicate with remote SMILE handhelds through a secure gateway.

SMILE project will focus on the research of several technological solutions which cover any part of a BCP control system and are able to work individually or as a whole. The major scope of the SMILE approach is to provide a palette of cost effective and easy to be installed or adapted modules, in order to support the increased needs of EU Land Border Infrastructures.






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