PASIPHAE’s research and development activities are focused in selected scientific domains of ICTs, with emphasis on cable, wireless and mobile networks, linear and interactive digital broadcasting, as well as in their convergence at both technological and services levels. These activities include the design, implementation and evaluation under controlled test-bed conditions, as well as validation and performance analysis under real/actual environments. More specifically, PASIPHAE R&D activities are in the fields of:

  • Linear and interactive broadcasting
  • Wireless networks and mobile communications
  • Cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access
  • Non-ionising electromagnetic radiation (NIER) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Network management and QoS/QoE provisioning
  • Transport protocols and delivery mechanisms
  • Network and service virtualisation

The above R&D activities are supported by a number of hardware and software tools acquired through institutional and state funds, private sector sponsorships and European funding within the framework of FP6/FP7 competitive programmes. Indicative equipment at PASIPHAE laboratory premises can be found here, and an indicative list with the European and national funded projects can be found here.